Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shoes Shoes Moral With the Skilled Market Expansion Is Warmer?

HC shoe net Sept. 21 hearing, isabel marant shoes the present "transformation and upgrade" is becoming familiar on the public vocabulary of Dongguan, Dongguan and for Shoes, The transformation and upgrading are nonetheless many hurdle to cross. Joyful will be the base from your Asia Footwear Headquarters developing to improve the expansion of a number of professional market place, the sector is conducting a range of exploration.That discover meaningful. In actual fact, intentionally or unintentionally, Dongguan shoe market is at this time likely to re-Humen Apparel Market, the street traveled, from a single production approach for the R & D headquarters in the circulation of economic restructuring.

And this way Gairuhezou, Dongguan shoe trade naturally turn into the focus of attention.Q Footwear industry is warmer? Recently, Humen Fumin Leather fabric accessories wholesale market place, business clothing and luggage buckle Shoes The Wei Qin Shi-list hardware store owner became busy.To the first half of your second half of last year, shoe business plummeted, then, a day after the shop can do that against fluorescent daze," Lily said list, from the second half of this year, shoe business began to pick up, to getting goods to customers is gradually increasing.

List and Lily shoes isabel marant shop have similar experience is far from alone, according to fabric accessories Humen Fumin Leather Industry Manager Full Tang, introduced the wholesale marketplace at the moment has 182 stalls, business shoes, handbags, etc. Leather And accessories, quite a few businesses also cater to footwear. Last year, the financial crisis struck, part of the shoe factory closed down, affecting many stalls in the business. Thus, starting from last October, enriching reduced by 20% in the wholesale marketplace stalls rent, tenants tide over the crisis with. Subsequently, a message so that the whole Tang, feel increasingly tense competition: the town of Humen Houjie adjacent to the expansion on the major shoe marketplace, the pace is accelerating.

Tang, all of this worry is unnecessary. As early as last year, the global economic slowdown in the background, from Dongguan private entrepreneurs had invested billions of shoe shoe Houjie Fortune Plaza Phase II contrarian market, then continued towards the present, Houjie South Peak, Kawada to expand markets are also quietly upgraded.Course, this contrarian expansion, the practice of promoting industrial upgrading has also attracted a lot of doubt isabel marant sale the voice with the sector: the financial crisis, rising raw materials, the new "Labor Law" under the impact of multiple factors, Dongguan shoe trade also contrarian expansion can it?